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The regular laundering of your and your families’ duvets and pillows should be a permanent part of your home cleaning routine and we often get asked about it. We have found that most of us are unaware of the correct frequency of washing our bedding and, more alarmingly, how dirty duvets and pillows contribute to poor sleep, allergies and wider health issues.

Most of us know that we should all be washing our bed sheets regularly and once a week is a good guide, BUT, how often should we clean our duvet and pillows?

A few years ago a survey* was conducted in the UK revealing that out of 97% of us in Britain who regularly use a duvet, 20% have actually never washed it at all, exposing themselves to hundreds of thousands of dust mites, skin scales and bacteria… ummm. And, 78% of us have only washed it once in the last 12 months. Is that you? Feeling smug? Don’t…

It is recommended that duvets should be cleaned every three months.

We humans lose around a litre of sweat over the course of the night. If you’re in a bed with your partner you can double that, as your duvet becomes a large dirty sponge and a feast for dust mites. All this accumulated grime can worsen the symptoms of allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. A filthy duvet could also be affecting your restful night’s sleep… and what about your pillows?

Well done for regularly washing your pillow case but what about your favourite pillow, the one you can’t sleep without and have had for years? A 2017 survey by Dow Polyurethanes** tell us that after two years one-third of our pillow’s weight consists of, you guessed it, dead skin, bugs, dust mites and their droppings. It has been identified that the proteins present in dust mite poo and decomposing dust mites exacerbate the allergies of around 80% of allergy sufferers and can contribute to poor sleep, which, in turn contributes to wider health issues, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

It is recommended that you wash washable foam, down or fibrefill pillows every three to six months.

So, if you haven’t been washed your duvet and pillows recently (or at all) perhaps now is a good time to take a trip the laundrette and freshen up your night’s sleep.

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More tips for a great night’s sleep

  • Is your bedroom too warm? Did you know our body temperatures need to drop two degrees in order to fall asleep?

  • Bedroom temperatures should be around sixty-five degrees.

  • The optimum neck support for your pillow should be between four to six inches tall.

  • An average mattress lifespan is around eight to ten years.

  • Read our blog on how the right bed sheets make for a good night’s sleep.

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