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How to be the best York Airbnb Superhost

Warm welcome, spotless laundry and personal touches…

When it comes to making some handy cash from your spare room or unused flat, Airbnb offers you a great way to earn some money and meet new people, whilst offering visitors a cost-effective place to stay and the opportunity to explore the wonderful city of York.

York Airbnb | Monarch Laundry | What it takes to be an Airbnb Superhost

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To attract a regular stream of would-be holidaymakers, becoming an Airbnb ‘Superhost’ should be your goal. Airbnb uses a scoring system that starts as soon as you list your space and being a Superhost means that you will feature higher in searches, plus, you’ll get prompt helpline support when you need it.

So, what does it take to be an Airbnb Superhost? To qualify you’ll need to get consistently highly rated guest reviews, respond promptly to guest enquiries and avoid cancelling bookings. Of course, Airbnb laundry and keeping things clean and tidy also plays a big part of being the host with the most!

To give you a head start, and help you rack up those great guest reviews, we’ve collected some of the best hosting tips from around the world and here’s our top ten…

  1. Open that frontdoor with a smile. Be welcoming and genuinely delighted to meet people. If you are not able to greet your guests is there someone else who can? If not, leave a welcoming handwritten note and a little gift.
  2. Offer to carry baggage when your guests arrive and try to be as flexible as you can with arrival times, luggage storage and check-out times, especially if the weather is cold and wet.
  3. Always be honest in your listing and photography, particularly if you have pets. People are not expecting hotel quality suites, but they will expect to recognise the space.
  4. Add an extra little something. It could be chocolates on the pillows, fresh flowers in the room, hairdryer, toiletries, or added extra at breakfast. If you can, offer tea/coffee facilities in the room. If not, always include water and glasses. It’s often the little things that guests remember.
  5. Personalize your messages to your guests and check that they have all the information they need. Also, check food allergies and intolerances if you offer breakfast or meals.
  6. Offer a TV, DVD, games console, streaming service, or other electronic device? Leave a short explanation of how they work, so your guests don’t have to waste their time Googling the instructions or calling you for help.
  7. Provide Wi Fi passwords, taxi numbers, a map of the city and what’s on in the area. In York you can pick up a free handy booklet from the Tourist Information Centre that has bags of ideas, information and a central York map.
  8. A pack of cards, board games, cushions and throws add an extra welcoming feel, especially for dark nights and wet days. If you host families with children, make sure there are some children’s toys and books available.
  9. Try to ensure rooms are clutter free, fresh and warm. Soft lighting can help create a welcoming atmosphere. If it’s a particular holiday season add some seasonal touches!
  10. Finally, and very importantly, CLEAN.
    Your rooms and shared spaces should be spotless. Pay attention to dust, grime and under no circumstances can there be a stray hair in the bathroom! Tiles and chrome should be polished; carpets hoovered; soft furnishings stain-free and your bedding and towels beyond reproach! Instigate a cleaning schedule that you can stick to and, if you are busy with a family and/or day job, get help from a good laundry service like us. We also launder mattress covers, pillows and duvets, curtains, throws and cushion covers.

Supporting lots of Airbnb Superhosts to maintain their great reviews, our laundry services take a load off their minds!

Good luck with your Airbnb laundry and journey. Don’t forget to contact us if you are in York and the surrounding area need laundry support to impress your guests and keep the bookings coming in.

Let us take a load off! Get in touch and leave the laundry to us.