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How to be a great host without the stress!

If you don’t have an elf to pick up after you, let us take a load off! Make sure you’re looking your best this Christmas and New Year.

Stanta Claus and a carrot... Top 10 tips for stress-free Christmas and New Year - Monarch Laundry

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Christmas comes around every year, right on schedule, so why does it always seem to take us by surprise and cause our stress levels to rise?

It’s undoubtedly a busy time, as we try to juggle our family life, work life and seasonal gatherings, parties and family visits. But, hang on, it’s about EVERYBODY enjoying themselves and that includes you, so how do you plan for a happy, stress-free Christmas and New Year? Here’s our top 10 stress busters to ensure you can relax and have fun whatever you’re doing…

No. 1 Make a list

Getting organised. Making lists allows you to spot potential issues and, importantly, plan ahead to spread out the load.  

No. 2 Delegate

When you have a list you’ll know, by and large, what needs to be done, so share the joy! This may include delegating shopping, wrapping, decorating, food and party game preparation and, importantly when you’re expecting guests, house cleaning and laundry.

No. 3 Don’t let the laundry get you down!

When you have a lot of folks to stay that’s a lot of work, especially when the colder days mean you can’t dry bedsheets and table linen easily. So, use a laundry service. We have a Christmas and New Year laundry offer to help lighten the load and can also pick and up and drop off at your door! It will free up your time and you’ll be impressing your guests with pristine, fresh and crisp sheets and linen.

No. 4 A card a day

It is great to keep in touch with far flung relatives and long-standing friends, so make it easy! Get going early and do a few a night. That way it won’t feel like a chore. 

No. 5 Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep means you’ll have bags more energy to enjoy yourself. Need some more ideas for a good night’s sleep? We’ve got them here.

No. 6 No need to shop ’til you drop

Take the heat off present shopping by going online for half of your presents, and make shopping for the other half on your local high street more fun by enjoying plenty of cake breaks and combine it with an outing to the cinema, ice skating rink or theatre show.

No. 7 Stains? Don’t sweat the small stuff…

With friends and family at home enjoying parties and lots of relaxing in front of the telly, stains on clothes, rugs, carpets and soft furnishings are a hazard. But, don’t despair… We’ve got some great tips for getting rid of red wine stains that work, plus, we’re experts in stain removal, so get the item over to us as soon as you’re able and we’ll do the rest.

No. 8 Avoid New Year frock rage

If you know you’re going to be at a party this New Year, plan now to ensure you have your favourite cocktail dress or suit in tip top condition. Has it been cleaned since you last used it? Has that rip been mended? Has your favourite silk tie got a stain on it? Get them off to the dry cleaners in good time!

No. 9 Good enough is grand

Your effort is good enough and probably better. Don’t be hard on yourself or set unrealistic goals, sometimes this thought alone can take a weight off your mind!

No. 10 Get refreshed for the New Year

And finally, if you have had a busy and bustling time, take some time out for yourself while we clean and rejuvenate tired soft furnishings, rugs, bed linen and curtains or take on your dry cleaning and repairsFresh, pressed and pristine, we’ll set you up for a fabulous New Year.

Above all, whatever you do and however you like to celebrate, make sure it’s fun for you too, with our tips we hope you, your friends and family have a wonderful time together!

Let us take a load off! Get in touch and leave the laundry to us.