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When you welcome people to your holiday let, apartment or Airbnb, first impressions count and your ability to make your guests feel, not just comfortable, but really cared for.

Your guests are your greatest ambassadors and there are some sure fire ways to help ensure your guests have a great stay and WANT to return. So, how do you keep up your standards, especially at busy times of the year? Now’s the time to get help from the experts, make your guests feel great and give yourself a break!

Putting your holiday let head and shoulders above the rest means getting the basics right: management, meet and greet, cleaning and laundry. A misstep in any one of these areas could spell problems, not only if you have many rooms and lets to service, but if, as an owner, you are not onsite, or even in the country.

Management – get the right team with local knowledge. A company with a number of similar properties in the same area as yours with good forward bookings and five star reviews is probably the best indicator. What’s your first impression on speaking to them? Put yourself in your guests’ shoes, anything less than delightful won’t do.

Meet and greet – key safes are a popular option but a friendly face that can answer questions and offer local advice is always preferable and more secure. A friend or kind neighbour may step in to do the honours but not more than once or twice if you’re not around, so who else can help? A friendly, welcoming and professional representative can fill this gap and feedback any complaints before they become a larger issue.

Cleaning is another very important area, you need to be confident that your cleaning team will uphold YOUR standards and present the lets in the right way time after time. Again, look locally and take up references from a business with a low staff turnover and good reputation doing similar work.

Last, but by no means least, laundry. Freshly laundered, good quality bed linen and towels are a must.  Linen rental can be problematic, there is no excuse for tired, worn or stained linen. Consider a dedicated linen service that will return you the same bedding each and every time. Take to a local laundry like us about how we can help.

Take advantage of our expertise as a local holiday let ‘one-stop-shop’

Here at Monarch Laundry in York, we have a network of local professional colleagues who we have worked with over many years and know what it takes when it comes to organising the very best holiday let support. A holiday let one-stop-shop, we can help ensure you not only have a superb, dedicated laundry service, but also management help, meet and greet support and a great cleaning team. With many years’ experience in the letting industry, take advantage of our local knowledge and expertise and together we’ll create the best experience for your guests and take a load off your mind!

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