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Banish Your Winter Laundry Woes

No more damp socks from radiators – how to do laundry in cold, wet weather

We share the most efficient way of doing winter laundry at home.

  • Give your wash an extra spin or one at a higher spin speed if you can.
  • Shake out your clothes before you air or tumble dry to reduce drying time.
  • Use a heated clothes airer or a high dryer suspended from the ceiling.
  • Hang garments on hangers to help dry and air them more quickly.
  • Use a warm, well ventilated spare room to create a dedicated drying space.
No more socks on radiators – read our article for damp laundry hazards and a foolproof plan!

When the weather gets cold and wet, the way we do our washing and drying changes. It’s not always easy to get our laundry dry in the winter months and when we don’t have access to a tumble dryer, or outside space, and even when we do, large items like bedding and soft furnishings can be a real headache.

What’s best to avoid…

Try not to pile up damp clothes on radiators. This reduces the effectiveness of your radiator’s ability to keep you warm and makes your boiler work harder, which will increase your bills. Covered radiators also reduce air circulation – when you dry laundry at home you should always try to have a window open for air circulation and good ventilation.

Why ventilation is important when drying your laundry…

Good ventilation is important for a healthy home.

Fresh air helps push out stale air and prevents the build-up of moisture in enclosed spaces. Excess moisture in the air contributes to the formation of condensation and the appearance of mould. Ruining decoration, smelly and unsightly, as well as being unpleasant, mould is a health hazard. Dehumidifiers, that ‘suck out’ evaporating moisture in the air, are helpful in reducing humidity and keeping our home environments healthy.

Exposure to mould may result in a blocked or runny nose, irritation of skin and eyes and sometimes wheezy chest. For people with asthma, inhaling mould spores may cause an asthma attack. Very rarely, people may develop a severe mould infection, usually in the lungs.

But what if space is not available and time is short? What if you don’t have a tumble dryer and you don’t want damp clothes and bedding hanging around your home; the days are cold and you don’t want open windows and lose warmth?

Introducing the joy of the winter service wash… saving you time, space and condensation!

At this time of year, many people opt to use a Service Wash laundry service. Saving you time, reducing your energy use, freeing up space and helping keep your home tidy and warm, service washes are second nature to us. You can choose from:

  • Part Service Wash: washing and drying your laundry
  • Full Service Wash: wash, dry and press your laundry

With our state-of-the-art washing machines, dryers and experienced laundry team, we also work as efficiently as possible to reduce soap, water use and energy.

We take care of all types of fabrics from cotton and wool to mixed and manmade. We also offer a dry cleaning and repair service to ensure we can tackle anything you need.  Tricky washes, like large amounts of bedding, duvets (yes, we do do duvets) table linen and soft furnishings also present no problem. All this adds up to fantastic fresh laundry and a warm dry home.

No more lingering damp laundry or endless socks on radiators!

No transport? No worries! Many of our customers drop by our laundry at Clifton Moor on the outskirts of York with their loads and pick them up later in the day, however, we can also collect from your home or office and deliver it back to you*. Whether it’s your weekly wash, friends staying over, a family visit, a full spring clean or seasonal visits, why not leave the heavy lifting to us and the laundry will be the least of your worries.

* Our small fleet of laundry vans are busy around York and our wider wider region. Contact us to check if you are in our pickup and drop area.