Fresh bedsheets for a good night's sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our health and wellbeing, but did you know how much a fresh-smelling, laundered set of linen or cotton bedsheets mean you are far more likely to relax and slip off into the land of nod?

In our fast paced world it’s not always easy to get the sleep we need. There’s plenty of advice on offer to help ranging from lavender fragrance for relaxation to keeping tech out of the bedroom, whale song, using thick curtains and replacing our mattresses. What is less well known, but just as important, is the need for high quality, well laundered bedsheets.

Spending, on average, a third of our lives in bed, it’s worth every penny to surround ourselves with good quality, regularly laundered covers and the best material we could choose is natural, organic cotton or linen.

Clean and fresh high quality sheets can aid a good night’s sleep

One of the oldest textiles in the world, linen is made from linseed or flaxseed, and it’s believed that we humans have been producing fabrics from it for hundreds, if not over a thousand years. Many of the fabrics we use in bedding today are ‘mixes’ or 100% synthetic. These may also have been treated with strong chemicals and dyes, which may exacerbate allergic reactions and skin irritation. For those of us with skin conditions, improvements have been seen from swapping to 100% organic fabrics free from toxins.

Organic fabrics also have surprising temperature regulating properties. For example, linen sheets can keep our body temperature three or four celsius lower than silk or even cotton. That’s good news for women experiencing the menopause and all of us in the heat of summer.  When it’s colder linen can keep us warmer with a heat conductivity rating 19 times greater than silk and five times greater than wool.

Finally, natural fabrics, especially linen are far more durable and last wash after wash, meaning you have comfortable, clean and great-looking bedding for years. Regularly laundered for that wonderful fresh-smelling, fresh bed feeling, with many agreeing that fresh-smelling bed sheets mean we relax faster and sleep sounder, it makes sense to regularly launder our sheets properly… and let’s not forget making our bed in the morning, ready for a great night’s sleep at night.

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