Washing machine - cure your smelly washing machine! Easy fix from Monarch Laundry, York

Smelly washing machine? Use this quick and simple cure!

Because we are washing at lower temperatures, the filters and pipes in our washing machines are becoming bunged up with smelly sludge: undissolved dirt, grease, bacteria and washing powder. There is, however, a quick and cheap way to get rid of the unpleasant odour and flush out the pipes.

Simply add 500g of Soda Crystals (available at most supermarkets) to the empty drum and run on the hottest wash. White Vinegar is also great for cleaning mould from the detergent draw and rubber seals. You can also include 500ml in your machine alongside the soda crystals if you are in a hard water area.

Repeat every four to six weeks and your washing machine will stay clean and fresh. Perfect!

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