Yellow dress - no more static buildup on clothes - Monarch Laundry tips

It’s a really annoying side effect of using a dryer – static buildup on clothes, but here’s a cheap and easy way to ensure that you have no more static clingy clothes that drive you mad. It’s another easy tip that will save you money and mean you won’t have to use ‘dryer sheets’ that can leave a residue on your clothes.

Simply tear off some lengths of aluminium foil and roll them together to make a 2-3 inch ball. Place a couple of balls in your dryer drum with your clothes and voila! No static.

👨‍🎓 Here’s how it works… Inside your dryer your clothes rub together transferring electrons from one surface of the fabric to another. This action creates a build-up of a low-level electrical charge aka static. Fabric softeners coat fabrics and, thereby, reduce the friction and static. However, over time this coating can leave your clothes looking dull. The balls of aluminum foil remove static without the need for chemicals, as the metal attracts the electrons and prevents the static build up.

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